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We're here to help, so don't hesitate to make contact. At Whitsunday Montessori we endeavour to meet all your needs. Whether it is to help your preschooler engage in learning the numbers to ten, or your older child wanting to understand algebra, we can do it!


With this in mind we offer an initial free 30 minute consultation for new clients, where we get together to discuss expectations and a suitable program for your child. This can be face-to-face at the centre, over the phone or via emails - whatever works best for you. In this way, the program developed provides the best way forward for your child.

Bookings can be made: directly with the centre by dropping in; via phone; or email. Alternatively, book now by filling the form below and pressing the send link. Make sure you provide enough information, such as: your child's name and age; preferred days and times; the lesson focus; and whether it is to be a private or group session. Once received, we will make contact with you to confirm your booking.

At Whitsunday Montessori we always listen, as your child's learning needs are our priority. Don't hesitate, contact us today!

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